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Join our Meditation Training Programe

Meditation is training your mind and heart while freeing yourself mentally and emotionally. Meditation practices allow you to become more aware of experiences as they occur with a friendly, warm, and caring attitude. With meditation, you can put more emphasis on what is going on around you rather than focusing on the past or being concerned about the future. You can do meditation practices sitting or lying down and can be practiced in almost any setting.

Powerful Souls is a Health Cure & Meditation Centre was established in April 2000. Through this centre, spread awareness about yogic therapy & meditation its benefits, and the desire to help those who live on heavy medication. We at Powerful Souls believes that medication and surgeries should be our last choice.

We, at Powerful Souls, believe that Meditation is much more than physical postures. Our courses and treatments are designed to assist holistic growth.

Join us for an incredible  immersion of daily yoga practice, meditation, breath-work and transformational training program. Experience sunset meditation, full moon practices, cacao ceremony, fire ceremony and more. Celebrate your life, reconnect, rejuvenate and relax.

This option is to experience deep transformative Yoga & Meditation Training. You’ll experience a full certified  training in beautiful surroundings with fresh meals, daily study and practice, plus special events and days off to enjoy your time.