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An Introduction to Powerful Souls

Meenu Garg founder of Powerful Souls is an Yoga trainer and Life Transformation Coach. With her expertise in Yoga, Law of attraction and various other modalities like meditation, affirmations, and energy healings she help people to overcome stress, depression, worries, obesity, diseases which make clients happy and healthy.

She has expertise in Yoga, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Kids Yoga and meditation.

Meenu left her job and started Powerful Souls 3years back as she is a strong follower of gratitude and as a result her passion is to help people and she wants to share how powerful gratitude is!

During this period she helped hundreds of people and students through expertise in Yoga and personal experience.

Currently she is conducting Online / Offline workshops, where she gives personal coaching to her students. She had conducted workshops for NGO’s where she teaches techniques for better concentration, sharp focus and also guided people to decide their life goals and how to achieve more from life.

Join Meenu’s online session and benefit from it.