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I will explain it in full detail. On Shivling people offer Milk, Curd, rice, sugarcane juice, honey, ghee etc. but turmeric and kumkum are not offered. The point to note here   only that there is a tradition of offering raw milk only to Shivling. People say that this milk goes entirely to drain, so it is wrong but see how big is this science that raw milk and curd have a beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus which if goes into the groove then its filth will end and then through the drain, it will eliminate the harmful bacteria of water source and it will go there and increase its volume.

If it is absorbed by the land then the soil will become good for cultivation. It will turn the elements present in the soil into useful elements for plants to grow. If animals drink this water then it is beneficial for them too. Sweet is also necessary for all this for which Sugarcane juice is there, it is a diet to grow bacteria.  As Milk , Curd and Domestic Ghee contains Vitamin B12, it easily comes into the water and because it is soluble in water, it is also beneficial for humans. This Vitamin B12 is very important for vegetarian humans because they gets this Vitamin B12 only from Milk, Curd and Domestic Ghee and so there is a tradition of Panchamrita in the form of Prasad.

The Ganges water is also being offered to Shivling and as only the Ganges water have such elements that controls the virus, otherwise viruses are not affected by any drugs. Therefore, these things clean up the dirt and change the harmful things from water and soil into beneficial things. The flowers of cannabis, ballet, Shami, Datura, and Akha are also being offered to Lord Shiva. It sounds like what these things are but all of them have medicinal uses and these produce a very good organic pesticide which is absolutely harmless for humans.

If these plants were not connected to the religion, then humans would have destroyed them as useless. If milk, curd, etc. were not added to the religion, then how many people will come up to clean the drains and dirty water source. If these remain dirty then diseases will spread more. This control is a biological control and absolutely chemical free, ie harmless.

People can also keep the water sources cleaned without offering all these things to Shivling by making the culture of these things and prepare good organic manures. In this regard, scientists should also guide the people.

In such temples, idols and all other religious places have very positive energy and this work becomes easy due to religious thoughts.

Turmeric and Kumkum are not offered because the Kumkum was also made from turmeric and lime, and due to the antiseptic properties of Turmeric, it will interfere with the work of bacteria.

Pasteurized milk should not be offered, it is only suitable for drinking, because it does not have live lactobacillus, therefore it is not suitable for the work of nature, and always believe that if you perform any work of protection of the environment, then you will get the virtue.

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